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Jake Virtanen [submitted by eccentricdreamer-xo; post-draft]

Jake Virtanen [pre-draft]

Anonymous: It's honestly so weird the amount of fake accounts there are of Ryan Hartman. I found one a couple minutes ago and it said he was 33 miles away. I live in Indianapolis and if he's in Chicago, there's so way he's that close. The age on the profile also said 22, which I don't think is his real age.

People are obsessed.

Just got Cameron Burt, a prospect for the Washington Capitals [submitted by @jordaanstaal]

Anonymous: i can promise you ryans profile is fake.. i matched with that one... he lives in chicago and i live in canada... i matched with him yesterday and hes been in chicago all month so no way that hes been in canada. and he doesnt have any of those photos on his real fb. its confirmed fake

Thanks for this!!

Anonymous: so I came across chase de leo on tinder and he's definetly a fake! just wanted to let everyone know!

Thanks for this fake-profile confirmation!

"Hey girl! I remember seeing someone posting about a fake Ryan Hartman profile a while back, and I was matched with this one a bit ago. His age is his real age on this profile, but it could by all means be fake as well. Just thought I’d submit it anyway :)”

[thanks..think jury may still be out on the legitimacy of Ryan Hartman’s profile]

Anonymous: But I didnt know if someone had found him recently or if it was before the draft. The could have started dating recently I don't know, or maybe they are just really close. I live about 80 miles away from columbus so last week during the dev camp I turned up my mileage in hopes to catch some of the prospects and he was one that I didn't see. So just curious how active he is!!!! Btw I was wondering if you could post the CBJ prospect you have, I'll send in any (if any) you don't have!!!

I’ve got several CBJ prospects in the queue…Sonny of course, plus 2-3 others!

Anonymous: wondering if you know how active sonny milano's account is? After he was drafted I did some snooping around just to see what's up with him and I came to the conclusion that he has a gf. It's a girl name Anna. His last picture on twitter is of him and her and when I looked through her twitter ((wow I seem like a creep I was just curious lol)) she had tweeted on the draft day, something about "caring about her bf's future" and she recently tweeted "sonny makes me so happy" cont...

So we matched on Tinder back in like, January and are still matched and he seems active…he Tinder moments his snapchat a lot.

Hey guys, sorry for the few days of no posts…I’ve been really busy in real life moving and stuff, and then I accidentally deleted things from the queue and got pissed at technology and am just now getting back to re-adding them, so. Regular daily posts again starting tomorrow!