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Austyn Hardie

Anonymous: matched with Morgan Reilly. he deleted his account tho. guess some fans found him

Didn’t know he was on Tinder, thanks!

Anonymous: anyone else get recently matched/talk to him???

I assume you mean Boone? I’m sure one of our followers will answer shortly!

Anonymous: I'm responding to the Boone anon, I was matched with him about two weeks ago when I was in Columbus. We haven't talked or anything because he's kinda busy with the playoffs. However, my friend got matched with him around Christmas and he messaged her first and could not have been nicer. Super down to earth and easy to talk to. He didn't let on that he was a Jacket either. Hope this helps!

There you have it, followers.

Anonymous: Question in regards to the Boone madness. When was he most recently found? And has anyone who found him actually been matched with him? And talked??

I found him waaaaay back in June or July, so I am zero help on this one. Followers?


(Or whatever it’s called.)

Hey guys! So as you can see, our little logo/profile icon/what have you is pretty basic—just the Tinder logo. This is because I am awful at Photoshop. In fact, I don’t even have it installed on my computer.

What I would love is if one of you awesome followers could create a new icon for the blog! I’m kind of envisioning the Tinder logo mixed in with like a puck or hockey stick or whatever.

So if graphics are your thing, please create us one and submit it to the email at Please include your tumblr username in the e-mail, so I can give you proper credit.

Please submit it by Wednesday, April 23. Then, I will take all the submissions and post them here, for everyone to vote on. The winner will be our new icon!

Thanks, followers! <3

Anonymous: To all the anons asking about Boone, if it helps it took me awhile to find him. I don't live in Ohio, I just visit regularly, and it took a couple tries. You'll come across him when you least expect it so don't give up!

Thanks, nonny. :D

for all of your anons asking about boone, this is his first photo as of late so tell them to be on the lookout for this! hope this helps :)

Anonymous: Ughhhhh I want to find him haha mine is set at 20-25 and 25 miles and I've never found him and me feed always says there are no new people in your area. Any recommendations???

Check out the previous ask—make sure he’s actually in the same city as you, and give it time!

Anonymous: To the OSU anon, I mean he's still in Pittsburgh right now because they have a game tomorrow and he probably won't be active for awhile because he's focusing on the playoffs. Don't give up quite yet! Just be patient and you'll come across him eventually.

Good advice!