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Brendan Duke

Tommy Powers

Anonymous: Do you know if Morgan Reilly is on tinder?

I personally have not found him, but an anon said that they did find Morgan Rielly but that he’s possibly deleted his account.

Anonymous: For the anon asking about the wild- they love the wild onion on Tuesdays for sure (bday Tuesday heyyy) and also plums on Thursdays but onion is your best bet.

Bday Tuesday sounds like my kinda thing!

Anonymous: So that's all we know about matt nietos secret gal?


Anonymous: Has anyone come across any players on tinder in Vancouver area?

Not from the Vancouver area so not me, but someone else perhaps?

Anonymous: I feel like maybe some of these players (esp the ones who are rumored to be taken) might have been curious and tried out tinder. Like I knew a little about it, but I really wanted to see how it worked, what it looked like, etc so I made an account. Maybe those guys felt the same? Does this make sense or is it all jumbled thoughts? LOL

Nope yeah we know what you’re saying! And if you have the background app refresh on, it updates your location etc without you opening the app (we think).

Jeremy Morin

Anonymous: John Moore has tinder, and has his girlfriend in his picture.. Also I got matched with Gudbranson a few months ago, and he tried to pretend he wasn't an NHL player, which was funny because I knew exactly who he was!

We have John Moore and Erik Gudbranson but if they’ve changed their photos, we’d love to see!

Here you go, anon wondering about the Wild!